El Salvador Itinerary

In my latest blog post, I hinted that I would be visiting another country in Central America. As you can determine by the title of this post, my 25th country was El Salvador. The trip was well-needed by myself and those able to accompany me. This country amazed me in every way imaginable and transcended each expectation.

As time progresses, the itinerary will become filled with links. Blog posts published continuing this series, rating experiences, and describing excursions will be hyperlinked.

April 16th
Arrived at El Salvador International Airport
Received rental car
Checked into Cabañas Campo Bello
Grabbed quick dinner from a local restaurant
Picked up sisters and friend from El Salvador International
Returned to Cabañas Campo Bello
April 17th
Explored scenery around Cabañas Campo Bello
Brunch at Los Volcanes Bistro Café
Explored Parque Nacional Cerro Verde
Went to Metrocentro San Salvador
Picked up a friend from El Salvador International
April 18th
Four-hour hike to and from Santa Ana Volcano (Ilamatepec)
Dinner at La Pampa
Checked into second accommodation in Teotepeque
April 19th
Spent time enjoying the property
Grocery shopping
Brunch and drinks by the greatest to ever do it
Covid tests
Dinner at the Airbnb
April 20th
Birthday antics beginning at midnight
Lunch at local restaurants in Jiquilisco
Monkey Sanctuary at Puerto Barillas
Picked up Covid test results
Dinner at La Pampa
Enjoyed the property some more & went midnight swimming
April 21st
Checked out of Airbnb
Dropped sister off at El Salvador International
Breakfast at Café La Casona San Benito
Departed from El Salvador International

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