Los Volcanes Bistro Café Review

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Before touring El Salvador, I came across a few videos raving about Los Volcanes Bistro Café. As it was near Cabañas Campo Bello, we paid this establishment a visit.

We’re gonna do this review a little differently. There are various aspects of experiencing this restaurant to encompass. From the scenery, ambiance, food, and drinks, they all warrant separate ratings.

Views: 5/5, easily. I’ve never consumed my food in an establishment while having the clouds pass me by. Never have I been inside the clouds before this precise moment. The windows were uncovered, and the clouds moved through. Between two volcanoes, the scenery is remarkable, to say the least.

Atmosphere: 3/5. Los Volcanes Bistro Café lacked in this department. If we were treated favorably, it would have enhanced our overall experience. Although the staff was courteous and attentive when pressed, something was…off. The establishment has an active social media presence, made visible by the photos crew members took of customers. The odd thing is, images were taken of everyone but us. I’m unsure why that is. In addition, I felt neglected. Though this may have been the outcome of a language barrier, it exuded poor service and communication.

Food: 1/5. I could not have been more dissatisfied. The way the food was hyped, I felt deceived. I blamed myself for not ordering the typical meal from a café, this café. Still, there aren’t any justifications. Especially when the majority of the food (including other dishes) was atrocious. I ordered the salmon. The instant my fork came in contact with the center of the fish, the raw, cold flesh stuck to the utensil. Never. Again.

Drinks: 5/5. The only thing the restaurant did correctly. The freshly squeezed juices and smoothies were rich. I sampled various flavors. The beverages alone considerably heightened the experience.

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