Bucket List Things: 12 AM Swimming on a Private Beach in Teotepeque

The sea, the ocean, extensive bodies of water, they’re breathtaking sites but terrifying. Though it may appear as if I’m continuously doing some water-related activity, the reality is, I’m incredibly dreadful of massive bodies of water. The fact that the majority of water is undiscovered, the strength of the current, and combine that with me being unable to swim? It’s a recipe for disaster. But, I’m that individual who attempts everything once. At least.

Despite this swim not having any activities associated with it, it was nonetheless something I’ve been craving to cross off of my bucket list. I recognize this may seem odd to some, but it’s been on my list since I’ve known what a bucket list was. It’s not exactly anything unique, but it’s something I have always desired to do. Considering we had a private beach to ourselves, it was only right to seize the moment. So, I did. We did.

The concept of it sounded cool, but when the time came, I nearly chickened out. My sisters forced my hand. Practically dragged me to place my big toe in the water at that hour.

Similar to the movies, we locked hands and wandered into the water side by side. We advanced until the sea held my knees. Keeping in mind that I am the short friend, the water did not reach anyone else as high as it touched me within moments of walking in. The forceful tide drew us in immediately, more distant than intended. The current would have readily taken the opportunity to force us out to the center of the sea. Although the intention was to have a full-on swim at the time, I chose against it solely because it wasn’t safe for copious reasons. I concluded that I confronted my fear and left it at that.

Yes, I consider this crossed off of my bucket list. Because, well, I did it. I did something that daunts me. Would I do it again? I’m not opposed. As always, I’m pleased that I consistently violate my comfort zone to take on adventures that address my fears and make me enjoy my life that much more.

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