Café La Casona San Benito Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I’m beginning to feel as if it’s habitual for me to start each post with something along the lines of, “this visit came unexpectedly.” But did I lie? On our final day in El Salvador, we dropped off my sister at the airport. As we were up early, with two hours of driving under our belt, our stomachs were on E. The four of us proceeded to a hotel buffet-style breakfast. Of course, we were uninterested. It was still early, and restaurants nearby remained closed. We began to view various alternatives, taking into account the drive to the food.

Café La Casona came up within the search. Unluckily for us, it was a solid 45 minutes from San Salvador International. Watching pictures and reviews, we determined it was worth a shot. 

With that said, I’ve decided to rate this establishment on three categories: ambiance, food and drinks, and service. Let’s get into this review. 

Ambiance Without a doubt, Café La Casona San Benito is the most tranquil café I have ever experienced. Immediately outside of the city, I wasn’t entirely too sure what to expect. As a plant mother, I felt I wandered into heaven. The nook where we were seated included a water fountain surrounded by lush, green plants. In addition to the ceiling clothed with vines and lit mason jars, it generated such a serene environment. The aesthetics immensely contributed to the vibes that accompanied the café. It was evident the amount of effort put into making and maintaining this restaurant. 

Food and Beverages One of my favorite quotes is, “eating well is a form of self-respect.” For a rather last-minute late breakfast/not quite brunch moment, we could not have stumbled upon anything better. As usual, my meal involved specific requests since I’m such a picky eater. I had pancakes stuffed with fruit. By the initial bite, I sensed how fresh the fruit was. I coated them with honey and promptly wiped that plate clean. I was under the assumption that it was ready-made. So, the task of selecting which fruit I wanted was a test of some sort, you could say. They succeeded with flying colors. And the sides were good. I mean, you can’t mess up breakfast sides. (Right?) One of the most enjoyable parts of this experience was the fresh local juice. I had a kind of hibiscus green tea lemonade. My stomach may or may not have gotten full off of this beverage alone. I’m unsure of the complete ingredient list, but it had something that kept me craving more. Refreshing is an understatement.

Service I’m mindful that in different cultures sitting in a restaurant and enjoying a meal with friends is seen differently. Staff provides space to experience time with friends with minimal interruptions and without hurrying you out of the establishment. Initially, this was what I thought was occurring. I was mistaken. We had to hunt down our waiter to place our orders for food, drinks and get the check. It grew to the point where we began calling on the man cleaning tables as he was the only one who would assist. I’m not saying anyone was unkind, rude, or disrespectful. Nevertheless, they were not attentive in the slightest. The absent star to make this restaurant a five-star establishment is a result of the poor service received. 

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