Accommodations in El Salvador (Part 2): Stunning Casa Blanca-Beachfront Airbnb in Teotepeque

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading part one before you proceed. As I mentioned in my previous accommodations post, determining where to stay was no simple task.

The Airbnb in Teotepeque was not our first selection. It ended up being an emergency alternative due to our initial choice falling through for reasons unknown. As stated in part one, I felt obliged to compare the two views of volcanoes and beaches. Little did I know, this accommodation would check every box for a beachfront.

Encountering this Airbnb the way we did was a blessing. Mind you, we opted for two others as this wasn’t too high on our radar originally. When all else failed, we booked this second accommodation just days in advance. Although disappointed at first, we soon recognized how fortunate we were that everything played out the way it did. To justify the overall star rating above, let’s break this review into four categories: service, location, space, and cost. 


One of the main attractions of this home was the service and hospitality we understood would be given to us. Of course, our small group of five stayed in a house that would not be shared by any additional people. The caretaker lives on the property, just steps away from where we stayed. He (which we didn’t know at the time) would be able to assist in building bonfires on our private beach, cooking meals, planning excursions, and so forth. I loved the idea because it permitted us to be more laid-back, and allocate more time to the things that matter, with the people that matter. 

As is usually the case with Airbnb, what I expected isn’t what I got. He was great, don’t get me wrong! Still, I wish the homeowners were clearer with their phrasing. As they explained, the caretaker lives on the property, which certainly wasn’t a shock. What I didn’t anticipate was more than one individual to be on the property in semi-close quarters. Jacob, the caretaker, was accompanied by his wife and two of the cutest little children. (We had to become friends, of course.)The fact that there were unexpected people on the property didn’t bother me per se. But, it made me feel as if our group could potentially be a bother. We intended to jam outside without a care in the world and be in the moment while playing games that made us hyper-competitive. All of which generated noise late into the night. When we did just that, I felt as if we were imposing on the family that wasn’t all too far away and their small kids who had school most mornings. 

Having Jacob around at all times brought comfort with a dash of creepiness. Needless to say, the creepiness was unintentional. When we stayed outside late into the night, he was no more than two arm’s length away. I realize that he was the only male around and provided safety if needed. Still, I simply wanted to be with my friends without someone lingering around and just watching us. As many times as we insisted that we should go to bed, as it was evident he was exhausted. He refused. I strongly felt as if there were moments when he should have allowed my friends and me to be together without any interruptions or inserting himself. 

The main thing that I wasn’t entirely too much a fan of was waking up in the mornings to Jacob’s family in our rented space. There were mornings when we opened the door leading to the backyard to find his family enjoying time on our patio. We would make our way to the pool to discover his family sitting around it. 

I anticipated more privacy than what the caretakers offered. All in all, I appreciated Jacob being there to assist with any needs that we had during our stay. He is super sweet and ensures the property is enjoyed.


As I’ve mentioned during this El Salvador series, this country is massive. I knew that it would be far from our previous accommodation but didn’t suspect it would be so far out from everything else. The drive alone is one thing. Now add consistent bumper-to-bumper traffic to the mix. 

As always, I’m going to be really transparent. Pulling up to the home, I assumed the GPS led us to the wrong place (as it did earlier). Google Maps guided us to a gate a foot or two from the main road. Considering this is a beachfront property in a remote area, I was perplexed. It was not until Jacob began to open the gate with his son that I recognized that we were where we needed to be. There was just enough room to park the small rental vehicle, then the gate was shut behind us. Confusion promptly arose, as this did not look like the photos viewed online.

In dismay, my girls and I proceeded to be toured around the property. As we presumed, the inside didn’t have much of a wow factor. It was nice but far from the selling point. It was not until my eyes came upon the large sliding glass door leading to the backyard that I recognized the home. It took me a moment to realize that the property managers advertised with only pictures of the back of the house, which explained why the front appeared unfamiliar. The home sits on a private black sand beach. It’s hard to imagine that it’s directly off of the main road. 

The location is ideal if you intend on utilizing the beach and other amenities as much as possible. Although it is a bit distant from everything and traffic isn’t a non-factor, there is no doubt that it’s worth it. If you are vacationing in El Salvador for less than a week, I wouldn’t recommend attempting to stay in more than one location. Seeing as this is more than likely ways from the other accommodation and everything else. So, plan accordingly, and stick to that area. Teotepeque does have small shops and surf towns for tourists and is an attractive area for young and adventurous individuals. 


Per the description of this property, I arrived with incredibly high standards. I will say, when it came to our space, I was not disappointed in the slightest. Every single box was checked, and then some. 

I suppose it would be best to break the space section in two. Inside and outside. Only makes sense, right? So here goes. Inside: As I briefly mentioned earlier, my hopes for the inside of the house weren’t entirely too high. There were few photos of the interior of the home on Airbnb. Obviously, it wasn’t terrible and had some charm. Considering there were 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, the space wasn’t too large. The home has no living space per se, but that’s what the outside is for! With a large kitchen and opening leading right to the large glass door overlooking the pool and outdoor area, the inside lacked nothing. The home is older, but with age comes charm, and I truly enjoyed our living quarters at this accommodation. It definitely had enough room without it being too much. 

Now! Let’s get INto it: the outside. The selling point of this stunning property. The second I first slid the glass door open and entered the yard, I was in awe. If I were an emotional person, tears would have fallen from my eyes. And no, I’m not being dramatic right now. The glass door opened up to a small patio, which led to a beautiful in-ground pool. From here, a walkway leads to a deck with hammocks, a table, and chairs. Attached to the deck is a boardwalk that leads to the private black sand beach. Both sides of the walkway contained sand and numerous palm trees. In front of the deck included a small outdoor shower. The space brought so much tranquility. Stunning is simply an understatement. My words alone can’t do this property justice, so take a look for yourself below. I will visit again. But in the future, I will enjoy the property more than I was able to this time. You could (and I will) stay at this property for short periods without having to look for entertainment elsewhere or leave the property whatsoever. I highly recommend this home for anyone who enjoys being at the beach and requires some time away. 


The dying question is, what does something like this cost? Before I spill the tea, let’s take into account a few specs. We had the house from April 18th-21st, a total of 3 nights and 4 days. There was a total of 5 of us. However, there were 6 physical beds (counting a bunk bed as two), and double the amount could have been here just as comfortably. 

With that being said, and my emailed receipt pulled up, the cost of this Airbnb was a total of USD 513.53. For the price, this was a steal. A steal I’ll be stealing again cause, what?! Now, divvy that up evenly, and it totals $102.71/person. This can’t be beaten. Trust me, I’ve checked. And if we really want to put things into perspective, that’s $34 per person per night. This property is an absolute bargain. 

Getting INto it

I could not suggest this property enough. Sure, it has its setbacks but nothing in comparison to all that it offers. What you get for the price is simply unmatched. In a prime location, it truly doesn’t get much better. Stillness, tranquility, and views wherever you turn, this property has it all. 

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