How To: Travel as a Picky Eater with a Selectively Diverse Palate

Conversing with an acquaintance a short time ago brought up the concept of being a picky eater while possessing a diverse palate. Until then, I never considered it. While I’m welcoming to trying nearly anything to familiarize myself with different customs, I’ve perpetually deemed myself a fussy eater rejecting the thought of expanding my limits at times. I’m here to inform you that both are unquestionably possible simultaneously.

Naturally, food is one of the most prominent things on the radar (mine at least). And even though I’m assuredly particular with my diet, I seldom run into dilemmas with how I eat. I enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables and customarily go to countries that offer this. I’m also a pescatarian (85% of the time) and find it straightforward to locate quality seafood despite where I travel.

Picky eaters habitually research menus and grow acquainted with options in advance. Hopefully, no one would tolerate their appetite inhibiting travel plans. No matter where you go, you will be accommodated.

I frequently amaze myself with the choices I execute that force me out of my safe haven. For instance, during my travels, I have eaten tuslob buwa, a Filipino street food made with pork brain and liver. (I came across this experience on the Netflix documentary – Streetfood: Asia. The escapade and rating will come in a blog post to follow.) I don’t customarily consume pork, especially pig brain, but I did it. I ate it because it’s a component of their practice. How would I travel to South East Asia and not entirely embrace the experience? By far the craziest thing I’ve tasted, though there have been various instances similar to this.

Even if I am prepared to step outside of my comfort zone, I don’t suppose I could ever quit being a picky eater. It’s not challenging to travel as a person who delicately determines what they consume, and it should never push you away from travel.

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