A Short Series: Returning Home for One Amazing Week – St. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean

I started 2022 strong. In the first month of the year, I was able to take two vacations back to back. Before we get into it, I know I just completed my St. Lucia series not too long ago for my trip there in 2021. In January, I rushed back, thinking my sister would begin college and move abroad later that month. This trip was meant to give us a chance to enjoy touristy things around the island together that we have not. Though her start date was postponed to the upcoming semester, this trip was not made in vain. There is not much I enjoy more than spending time with my loved ones and being home.

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St. Lucia Series: An Adventurous Afternoon of ATV’ing with Island ATV

Okay, I know. This post is long overdue. I have yet to complete my St. Lucia series from my 2021 trip, and I have already been home for 2022 as I am writing this. However! This is the last post to complete the itinerary. As usual, my blog has taken a back burner to my studies. Let me squeeze this in before we head to mid-April.

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St. Lucia Series: A Peaceful Horseback Riding Day Trip to the South of the Island

At this point, I need another hand to count on my fingers the number of times that I have been horseback riding in St. Lucia. Time and time again, I’ve shared this romantic activity with none other than my sisters and other family members. I must say, however, that this time around had the most scenic view.

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Island Breeze Review

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

If there is one thing I deeply loathe, it is publishing a possibly damaging blog post about a negative experience in the country that I am proud to call home. It has the potential to make it back to locals and travelers who contemplate giving this establishment business, allowing others to form an opinion of a restaurant based on my poor experience. With that expressed, it’s just as meaningful to share these unfavorable incidents.

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Oasis 101 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Over the past year or two, Oasis has become the perfect hangout spot for young locals. With unbelievable food and drinks and an addicting ambiance, it’s not difficult to understand why. As I typically do, I’ll be categorizing this review into three sections: the environment, food and drinks, and service.

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St. Lucia Series: An Exhilarating Afternoon of Jet Skiing on Reduit Beach

There is a fine line between traveling while ensuring that the local inhabitants and companies profit from your visit and permitting the same population to take advantage of you. I have never had this experience with any other excursion on the island. Not this year, not ever. Nevertheless, I am mindful that visitors often struggle with this. Not exclusive to this island but with leisure travel in and of itself. To accurately depict the afternoon, I must distinguish the experience with the business partners from the adventure I had on the water. While I have good recollections of the time with my sisters, I do not have a single positive on the organizational side of the excursion.

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Frydays Restaurant and Bar Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

There is just something about having a meal cooked to perfection without leaving a dent in your pockets. They say eating well is a form of self-respect, and I respect myself. This small restaurant pleasantly surprised me with its savory courses. Located perfectly along the route of Gros Islet’s street party, this establishment is worth paying a visit to anyone in its vicinity. Apart from the hiccups with the service received by our waitress, there was little to no improvement necessary in other elements of the experience. As expected, I have separated this restaurant review into three categories: atmosphere, food and drinks, and service. Let’s get into it!

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St. Lucia Series: A Hot Day Trip to the World’s Only Walk-In Volcano

St. Lucia is best known for a handful of natural wonders, from the twin peaks, crystal blue waters, naturally heated falls, and of course, the world’s only walk-in volcano. Located in the south of the island is the Sulfur Springs, a derivative of the dormant volcano. Comprised of several hot springs, St. Lucia offers the only mud bath in the West Indies.

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Keebee’s Bar & Grill Review

Remember when I stated that my St. Lucia itinerary was a 75% reduction of the time but encompassed all ventures and establishments visited? That modification led me to decrease the number of times that I listed the same restaurants. I won’t expose myself saying precisely how many times I visited but grasp that it was not sufficient. Our waitress, Whitney, was comical and made each visit an experience.

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