Accomodations in Egypt (Part III): A Locker and Some Sleep

My sister and I didn’t intend on staying at a third hotel. But, considering how far out the Malkata House was from everything, we decided to pay for one night as suggested by a taxi driver on who we grew dependent. Let me explain. On our last day in Luxor, we made the most of it, doing the majority of tourist attractions. Needing to take a long journey back and forth from the house, we decided to check out early, which unfortunately meant that we could not enjoy the space to the fullest. My sister and I grabbed our luggage, packed it in the van, and progressed to a local, cheap hotel in the city center.

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Get to Know My 2022 New Year’s Travel Resolutions for Itinerant’s Narrative

I know what you’re thinking, we’re approaching the end of the first quarter of 2022, and she is posting her resolutions for the year. All I can say is, better late than never. I’ve saved it on my phone since 2021 was coming to an end and always planned to share it. I had reservations as I was so behind, but as I have crossed off many of these, it only makes sense to post before I publish content intending to check things off. Without further ado, here are my 2022 New Year’s travel resolutions.

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Cue the Birthday Antics: Spending 25 in Teotepeque, El Salvador

I can’t believe two months have passed. But, I’m finally writing about my birthday antics in El Salvador with my ladies. This birthday meant a lot as I had every intention of visiting 25 countries by 25 years old. Here I was in my 25th country celebrating with genuine friends. So it started off a little something like this…

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How To: Travel as a Picky Eater with a Selectively Diverse Palate

Conversing with an acquaintance a short time ago brought up the concept of being a picky eater while possessing a diverse palate. Until then, I never considered it. While I’m welcoming to trying nearly anything to familiarize myself with different customs, I’ve perpetually deemed myself a fussy eater rejecting the thought of expanding my limits at times. I’m here to inform you that both are unquestionably possible simultaneously.

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25 by 25: Attempting to Hit Travel Goals During My Second Quarantine Birthday

25 by 25. Such a nice ring to it. For as long as I can recall, I anticipated visiting 25 countries before 25 years old. The fact that I’m turning 25 later this month is absurd. I turned 24 in total lockdown, and it is ridiculous that a year has passed since. I don’t feel a day older than 23. I planned to surpass this goal in 2020. Everything was arranged, and I would’ve been closer to touring 30 countries by 25. However, that wasn’t God’s plan. I don’t understand the reasoning, but I will not question it.

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Ryanair Vs. Spirit Airlines: Global Battle of the Affordable Airlines

What is a budget airline?

Before we battle the most prominent and flourishing budget airlines of North America and Europe, let us determine what that incorporates. Simply stated, affordable airlines cut expenses by not contributing to particular amenities. Sequentially, the consumer can purchase tickets for a bargain in comparison to other airlines. As a result of cut costs, the interior of the aircraft is unquestionably austere. Legroom is restricted, seats are not satisfactory, and supplementary fees apply for carry-on’s required to be stored overhead. Plus, additional charges are calculated that most airlines include in airfare. For instance, refreshments and snacks typically included in airfare are not incorporated in low-cost carrier tickets. Ensure that you are checked in with your boarding pass printed before arriving at the airport. If not, this will result in an added fee. To avoid unexpected payments, get familiar with the websites and identify what charges to steer clear of. While it demands time and attention, low-cost carriers potentially save you hundreds of dollars if executed correctly.

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Solo Travel Diaries: An Overtly Suggestive and Bold Taxi Driver in Cyprus

I came across his business card recently. It felt as if I nearly allowed his memory to escape me. Inadvertently or on purpose, I’m not quite sure. One thing for certain, an impression was left. I almost allowed the way he treated me to dictate if I would ever travel solo again. I assumed he would leave a nasty stain on the concept of me wandering this world alone. He did not. I couldn’t permit that.

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Save Your Money (Literally): Why I No Longer Purchase Souvenirs

Yup, you read correctly. I finished acquiring souvenirs long ago. Years have passed since I quit getting souvenirs for myself. I more so recently ended purchasing souvenirs for others. A mug or trivial thing isn’t going to make you relive your travels. Buying it for someone else isn’t going to enable them to experience your travels through you. That’s it, that’s all.

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Looking Back: How I Prepared for My First Solo Trip

Mental, Physical, and Emotional Preparation

People continually search for a push to travel solo. They stand by for someone else to persuade them or seek signs to embark on this journey. Me? I was made for this. I’m highly independent, at times entirely too much for my own good. I’ve never considered independent travel as lonely or something that lacks. After all, alone and lonely aren’t synonymous.

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Bucket List Things: Sharing My Must-See’s in the 50 States

When it comes to travel, I typically opt to go international. Although I live in the states, I’ve yet to explore much of it. Traveling around the United States is usually much more expensive, which deters me from doing so. Another reason? I love immersing myself in other cultures and attempting to get around in languages I’m unfamiliar with, which can’t be done here. I’m aware that each state offers something different, and the country is extremely culturally diverse. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I anticipate seeing the differences in people, places, and regions myself. That being said, it’s a goal of mine to visit every U.S. state and territory. Although it isn’t too high on my travel priorities, my goal is to travel to every state within the next few years.

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