Accomodations in Egypt (Part III): A Locker and Some Sleep

My sister and I didn’t intend on staying at a third hotel. But, considering how far out the Malkata House was from everything, we decided to pay for one night as suggested by a taxi driver on who we grew dependent. Let me explain. On our last day in Luxor, we made the most of it, doing the majority of tourist attractions. Needing to take a long journey back and forth from the house, we decided to check out early, which unfortunately meant that we could not enjoy the space to the fullest. My sister and I grabbed our luggage, packed it in the van, and progressed to a local, cheap hotel in the city center.

The reasoning for getting this room for one night was to avoid taking the troop to pick up our luggage once done with our excursions. It took time away from what we could spend grabbing a meal, catching up on rest, squeezing in another activity, or preparing for our flight later that night.

We offloaded our luggage from the vehicle, negotiated the pick up time and cost with our driver for later that night, and checked in. The nightly fee for this hotel was around $30, give or take. We went to our room, dumped our bags, and quickly headed out. The location of this property was ideal. Directly across from the Luxor Temple and surrounded by restaurants and relentless locals aiming to make a quick buck from clueless tourists.

After taking a moment to get ourselves settled following a productive yet draining day, we opted to visit the temple before darkness struck. Appreciating this ancient, picturesque ground grew the hunger we felt in our stomachs. We stepped off this piece of history, and it was time to indulge in local Egyptian food and cold beverages.

Greatly disappointed, my appetite, my sister, and I returned to the room for some well-needed rest. Before we knew it, our eyes were slowly peaking open after several hours of deep slumber. Realizing the time, the two of us rushed to get ourselves together to meet the taxi driver outside.

Though this move was not necessary, it was worth it. It made the logistics easy and allowed us to get some well-needed rest while saving money and time. Convenience aside, let’s talk about the hotel itself. The rooms were dingy and did not pass my standard of cleanliness. I am happy that it was not somewhere I needed to stay overnight, but clearly, it was good enough for the few hours we needed. It did the job. It would be unfair for me to write a review on this accommodation as it served as a luggage locker and housed us only while asleep. Spending pocket change to make life easier? I highly recommend.

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