Accommodations in Egypt (Part II): Reviewing 1 Night at Malkata House in Luxor

One word, breathtaking. I wish that we were able to stay here more than one night. This is one of the most beautiful housing accommodations I’ve stayed in. I’ll fill this post, and my upcoming Egypt Photo Dump, with pictures so you can see them for yourself. This review will be based on a total of 4 criteria: service, location, space, and cost. Let’s get into it.

Service + Hospitality

Impeccable. To understand, you need to grasp how it operates. So as the name states, this is a house. However, the entire unit is shared by multiple guests. Not like a hostel, hear me out. Okay, maybe a fancy one. I am uncertain exactly how many rooms or guests the accommodation can house at any given point. It can’t be many as we had the upstairs and majority of the house to ourselves. I would like to think there are two sets of two-bedroom units. Off of the kitchen and living area, my bestie and I occupied one. This area had an entrance of its own. We were able to lock this entrance to our section of the home. After the initial door were two nicely sized bedrooms separated by a bathroom.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us get into the why. During working hours, there are two people on the property: the property manager and the chef. Yes, the chef. Anything you want can be provided at a moment’s notice (even beyond food). And if not, you will be in contact with someone who can assist. The dynamic of this property allowed us to have plenty of space, privacy, and assistance with anything needed.

On our first day, we were unaware that the chef was readily available for any meal, snack, or beverage, catering the menu to exactly what we craved. Starving and in the middle of nowhere, we opted to have the chef make lunch. We quickly discovered that a hefty fee was attached to his services. And unfortunately, this expense needed to be settled in cash. An issue I mentioned in a recent blog post. Anyways, the amount of food provided for us was overwhelming. We picked our dishes, and within half an hour, the table was filled with delicious Egyptian food. Here is a peak. ⇩

I cannot recall the names of the dishes. But, I remember how flavorful everything was and wanting to continue stuffing my face. My sister and I both ate until we couldn’t anymore. I am a picky eater, but there was nothing that I did not like. I can’t recommend taking advantage of the private chef enough. The expense is worth it.

Of course, the service goes beyond the food. Everything else was smooth sailing. I liked that we had someone that was able to help with any need for the duration of our short stay. There was a hiccup with being provided a key for the outdoor gate and main entrance to the house. However, it was quickly resolved and did not taint my view of how well this property is run.


I have a love/hate relationship with the location of this accommodation. It is way out in the desert, where tourists are few, farm animals and locals are plenty. This is what I loved about it. It felt so liberating. With that came the distance from the city center. The inconvenience of visiting the majority of tourist attractions. Longer drives and getting transportation was not simple. Everything we needed was not as easily accessible as it could have been. I do not regret our stay, but I would recommend staying here only if more time is spent in Luxor.


I explained the layout of our rooms. Let’s get into everything else. The photos on of the common areas are what did it for me. I am a sucker for beautiful architecture and interior design.

As beautiful as the indoors were, the outdoor spaces and the scenery was stunning. On top of the rounded roofs was a patio with views of the deserts surrounding us. I will drop something pleasing to the eye in a second.


My sister and I paid $44.71 for our less than 24-hour stay. This is such an affordable rate. It included two bedrooms, access to outdoor space, and most of the house. Considering Luxor’s price tag, something like this could easily cost triple.


With more amenities than a hotel, more private and secluded than a hostel, and removing the responsibility of a short-term house rental, I truly enjoyed it. This stay is an easy 10/10 recommend. Clean, beautiful, and serene. It’s an incredible escape worth a visit or two. Here’s a link to the property if you’re interested.

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