I’ve been eager to share content from my birthday trip. In pandemic time, I practically turned 21 on April 20th. My objective was to cross off three of my 2022 Travel Resolutions. So, I did that. I used this trip to see one new continent and three countries while working on my French. I have been yearning to visit Africa for as long as I can remember. Confined to the week of spring break (which thankfully fell on my birthday), I managed to make this my reality.

If you’re new here, I’m an avid procrastinator. Although I knew the location, the flights were not booked until 2 months prior. Accommodations were secured days before departing, and no excursions were reserved in advance.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, we can address where my sister and I went! We opted for flights with extended layovers to make the most of the trip and our time. I’ve never planned anything like this, so it was a headache. After some consideration, I booked our flights to Egypt with day trips to Casablanca, Morocco and Doha, Qatar.

Additional blog posts for this series (outside of the below) will be shared. I have many, many stories. Anyways, onto the birthday trip itinerary.

10-Day North Africa & West Asia Itinerary
April 15th
Red-eye flight to Morocco
April 16th
Casablanca day trip
Red-eye flight to Cairo
April 17th
Arrived at Cairo International
Checked into Gardenia Inn
Downtown Cairo
April 18th
Khan Al Khalili
Dinner on the Nile
April 19th
Pyramids and Sphinx
National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
April 20th
Faiyum Oasis
Boat ride on the Nile
April 21st
Check out of Gardenia Inn
Early flight to Luxor
Checked into Malkata House
April 22nd
Hot air balloon ride
Checked out of Malkata House
Valley of the Kings
Checked into local hotel
Luxor Temple
Checked out of local hotel
Red-eye flight to Qatar
April 23rd
Arrived at Hamad International
Doha day trip
Flight to New York
April 24th
Arrived at John F. Kennedy International

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