Get to Know My 2022 New Year’s Travel Resolutions for Itinerant’s Narrative

I know what you’re thinking, we’re approaching the end of the first quarter of 2022, and she is posting her resolutions for the year. All I can say is, better late than never. I’ve saved it on my phone since 2021 was coming to an end and always planned to share it. I had reservations as I was so behind, but as I have crossed off many of these, it only makes sense to post before I publish content intending to check things off. Without further ado, here are my 2022 New Year’s travel resolutions.

One solo trip: I haven’t been on a solo trip since my 2019 visit to Southeast Asia. I seem to prioritize family and friend vacations. This year I will prioritize myself, my wants, and my mental health by traveling solo.

One new continent: Attempting not to give anything away, I am very close to visiting every continent. I plan to visit all within the next few years, so this will remain on my yearly resolutions until completed. 

Two new states: I have visited more countries than states simply because of the cost. I plan to incorporate more in my travels, possibly including road trips. 

Three new countries: I typically average six vacations a year to new countries. I have cut this number in half as time is restricted.

Continue working on my French: I studied French for too long not to be fluent in speaking, reading, writing, and understanding. My vocabulary is extensive. However, my pronunciation is awful. I will allocate time to taking more classes or actively practicing pronunciation.

Develop a consistent schedule for blog posts: Well, well, well. This one is self-explanatory. In my April update, I stated that I was moving to a new bi-weekly schedule. Although I’m posting this post on a Wednesday, I believe I will be posting every other Thursday.

Invest in good luggage pieces and accessories: This is an investment in organization and convenience. As luggage gets ruined in transit, it is not worth it (in my opinion) to purchase expensive pieces. However, I will be investing in affordable luggage with organizational components. 

Pack lighter: Self-explanatory. I really should keep this on my yearly resolutions list.

2 responses to “Get to Know My 2022 New Year’s Travel Resolutions for Itinerant’s Narrative”

  1. […] Never did I dream that I’d visit Morocco in 2022. Frankly, I’ve never had anywhere in the country other than Marrakesh that I wanted to tour. Of course, when the opportunity presented itself to have a 15-hour layover in Casablanca, I couldn’t resist. As I mentioned in my Egypt Itinerary, I scheduled my birthday travels with layovers to maximize the ten days in North Africa and East Asia. Not only did this journey allow me to cross another country off my list, but it also provided a chance to practice my French in a native environment. This alone allowed Morocco to cross off two of my 2022 Travel Resolutions. […]


  2. […] In pandemic time, I practically turned 21 on April 20th. My objective was to cross off three of my 2022 Travel Resolutions. So, I did that. I used this trip to see one new continent and three countries while working on my […]


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