Oasis 101 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Over the past year or two, Oasis has become the perfect hangout spot for young locals. With unbelievable food and drinks and an addicting ambiance, it’s not difficult to understand why. As I typically do, I’ll be categorizing this review into three sections: the environment, food and drinks, and service.


From the very moment I stepped into this restaurant and bar, I knew the experience would be something to remember. The outdoor establishment mimicked exclusive beach cabanas surrounding an open area roofed by little, bright umbrellas. The DJ set the tone for the night by mixing reggae and Dennery Segment, a local genre of music incorporating Zouk, dancehall, and soca produced in the south of the island. Located in the vicinity of Gros Islet street party, I expected the vibes to be unmatched, and that they were.

Food and Drinks

We didn’t visit the establishment for dinner, just drinks and appetizers to ensure that alcohol didn’t sit on an empty stomach. My sentiments quickly shifted seeing the appetizers. The presentation and, of course, how delicious these were kept me wanting more. As is usually the case, my eyes were greedier than my stomach. The three of us consumed two orders of the Oasis shrimp kebabs, the artisan mozzarella bruschetta, and a side of fries. (I swore my sister got some chicken wings too, but that isn’t on the menu, so maybe not?) Anyways, the only food item I feel comfortable reviewing is the shrimp kebabs, which brings my single critique. Though the portion sizes are decent for the price, I almost wish there would be an increase in cost reflected in larger portion sizes or possibly serving jumbo shrimp for the current cost. However you look at it, there’s room for improvement regarding price and serving size. With that said, seasoned and grilled to perfection, the shrimp kebabs were delicious.


I don’t have a single negative about the service we received or the staff at this venue. The service was nothing short of incredible. The staff was attentive and met our needs before we even knew of them. The waitress was energetic and friendly, aiding in this beautiful environment. Oasis has quickly become one of my favorite spots for drinks and a quick bite in the north.

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