St. Lucia Series: An Exclusive Excursion to La Tille Falls and Garden

I adore waterfalls. It’s the force the water has on my seemingly small body in comparison to the mass of liquid bursting from a nearly indistinguishable place when I’m physically in it.

I haven’t toured each waterfall on the island, but I’ll add that to my bucket list. Of those I have visited, La Tille ranks top three. Not because of the current of the water, but the scenery and environment. As it is more challenging to locate, it’s never crammed with tourists contrasted to many others. As mentioned in my St. Lucia Itinerary, this was my first time driving on the island. Perhaps this is why the entrance seemed so foreign. I suspect I never paid attention to the route or anything exceeding the excursion.

The visit followed hours spent at Sulphur Springs. I strongly don’t recommend water activities after Sulphur Springs. Any Lucian knows better. Still, I refused to make yet another journey to the south. None of us were particularly feeling well, even after a meal. But, we accepted that we should proceed to make the best of the day. So that is just what we did. We made our way, parked the vehicle, and traveled to the unique entry of the hike to the waterfall. As we entered an enclosed area with rasta-colored decor, a man approached us to collect payment. Regrettably, I can’t recollect how much that fee was. It increased from earlier visits, which appears to be universal. The rasta was welcoming, touring us around his sanctuary and plants. We swiftly became buddies, so he blessed us with an employee discount. We advanced to make our way.

I forgot my shoes. I forgot my damn shoes! If you’re unfamiliar, making your way to the waterfall requires a hike. The trail is manageable. If you’re short, the steps created of sticks and rocks are notably distant, adding difficulty to an otherwise simple hike. We start walking, and I’m complaining of pain but not enough to return to the vehicle to shield my bare soles.

The first station was unfamiliar to me, a small pond designed with fish to give natural pedicures. I immediately assumed that it could compare to Lake Vouliagmeni, which I experienced in Greece just a few years back. Baby, I was mistaken! I love fish as pets, but staying very close to them frightens me. In Greece, though, I completely submerged myself into the lake, allowing fish to consume any dead skin off my body. Compared to La Tille? Quite the opposite. I’m not sure they chose the best fish for the task. Yes, they were more than ready to take each ounce of lifeless skin away from our feet, ankles, and legs. However, these fish were oversized. Entirely too big in comparison to my tiny feet. Their measurements alone deterred me from dipping my legs into the water. My siblings would not allow me to visit without getting a pedicure from these terrors. So I did, in brief intervals. I don’t believe there was ever a point that I can say I got comfortable and took pleasure in the experience. Genuinely apologetic to the couple enjoying their romantic date until my sisters and I came to destroy the peace.

Following half an hour or so attempting to get fish pedis, we determined it was time to take the hike to the waterfall. Walking with sensitive, exposed feet, I took my time and retained distance from my sisters as we trekked downhill. I paused frequently and used the opportunity to document the adventure. As we neared the fall, a family of three was making their way out. We got the waterfall for ourselves, an exclusive excursion. And it remained that way for the entirety of this adventure.

I didn’t let my body gradually adapt to the temperature. Alternatively, I went directly below the most forceful point of the water. I stayed as the intense pressure beat my back, momentarily alleviating my persistent lower backache. I’ve always loved the sensation of my body beneath a waterfall, just basking in what nature has produced. It’s unexplainable. I feel so liberated. My siblings quickly accompanied me, and we took full advantage of having this all to ourselves, making our way in and out of the heavy fall to the shallow pool formed. We suddenly felt considerably better than our initial arrival, as if the water injected life into our beings.

I don’t know if there’s a more satisfying feeling than being in nature, enjoying the gifts provided. St. Lucia has numerous waterfalls, and although I have toured the majority, or at least the most popular, La Tille continues to be one of my favorites. I highly recommend this excursion with a 10/10. If you don’t believe me, it doesn’t hurt to tour waterfalls in the south. Then, decide for yourself.

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