Keebee’s Bar & Grill Review

Remember when I stated that my St. Lucia itinerary was a 75% reduction of the time but encompassed all ventures and establishments visited? That modification led me to decrease the number of times that I listed the same restaurants. I won’t expose myself saying precisely how many times I visited but grasp that it was not sufficient. Our waitress, Whitney, was comical and made each visit an experience.

This review is different as I will compare two vastly contrasting experiences at this establishment.

Take 1

Atmosphere: The restaurant visit followed a day out with my younger siblings. Leave it to me to leave their bellies on E while we chanted, “we outside” for the entire day. Within moments of strolling into Keebee’s Bar and Grill, I felt extremely comfortable. Our waitress was exceedingly entertaining. Laughing till tears clouded our eyesight, we knew we made the best choice. Background music became muted as noisy discussions and laughter filled the air. Though the establishment was packed, it did not deter Whitney from remaining attentive. 

Food: My tastebuds have engrained this in their memory. Every once in a while reminding me of what I’m missing. During this visit (and the following), I ordered the creole fish. Informed of the catch of the day, you choose your fish and your preference of grilled or fried. Additionally, you have a selection of 3 sides. I decided on grilled dolphin (mahi-mahi) with house salad, macaroni pie, and fried plantain. The fish was glazed in a creole sauce coated with a variety of peppers. Flavors popped with each bite. The fried plantain was perfectly ripe. (You can tell a lot about a restaurant by the way they serve fried plantain.) The macaroni was perfect. Not entirely too cheesy, with a nice golden brown color coating the top. And the salad was well, salad. Except for the macaroni, portion sizes were ideal. We received a generous amount of food for the cost. 

I rarely order dessert to have in the same setting. Acknowledging I was already full, I don’t know what took over me. Greed, I suppose. I requested a banana flambé. Not sure what I was anticipating, but it wasn’t what was received. The bananas arrived in a bowl saturated with rum and flames arising directly from the dark liquor. As your token lightweight, I’m not hesitant to admit that this was not for me. Although accompanied with ice cream, nothing could disguise the potency of the alcohol. Unluckily for me, the serving size of this desert was greater than intended, meaning a portion of it stayed behind. 

Drinks: Immediately after settling down, I ordered my signature cocktail, an amaretto sour. As we arrived during happy hour, one quickly turned into many. These did not disappoint. 

Take 2

Atmosphere: On a mummy-daughter date, we sat across from a saxophonist. The vibe was light and airy. It nearly felt as if it was a different environment than earlier. Again, Whitney was outstanding. She fooled around with my mom, who did the same right back. Customers grew, but it had zero effect on the vibe established by jazz. 

Food: As mentioned previously, I placed an order for the creole fish. Same way, same sides, remaining in a picky eaters safety net. Mummy followed suit. Things were exact opposites of what I experienced prior. The fish prepped differently still tasted great. Yet, the amount of fish we received was uncomparable to visit 1. The serving was minuscule, a great disappointment. The fried plantain was not ripe in the slightest, and everything else was warm at best. After boasting to my mom regarding this establishment, I felt second-hand embarrassment. 

Drinks: Between the music, Whitney, and the drinks, nothing could have left a poor taste in my mouth. My mom and I secured numerous piña coladas. I asked to have them made like juice, and she did just that. We both consumed several, as it felt more like a refreshing drink rather than an alcoholic beverage.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Although I had a less than ideal experience at Keebee’s on visit 2, I recommend this establishment. I suppose they were having an off night, which happens. Overall, I would rate this restaurant 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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