I recently returned from my month home. Despite the time spent, it never seems adequate. While on the island, it’s never a holiday for me. But this time, I made it a point to engage in excursions.

Following my initial week and a half, I determined it was time to begin driving. Reluctant about operating a vehicle on the opposite side of the tiny roads, I did it regardless. And, I couldn’t be more satisfied. As a result, I was able to check some ventures off my list.

Considering I was home for over 30 days, I won’t take daily life into account. Still, I’ll include all activities and establishments visited. Therefore, an itinerary based on real-life escapades, just a 75% reduction in the timeline.

Note: there are limitless ventures to embark on the island. It’s simply tough (personally) to experience life as a traveler and not a local when home. To that point, I’ll have a blog post regarding outings that shouldn’t be omitted during your travels.

As time advances, the itinerary will include hyperlinks that contain blog posts continuing this series. Check out the hashtag #INSentLisi.

Day 1
Arrived at Hewanorra International Airport
Dinner from a local restaurant
Bar outing with family
Arrived home
Day 2
Boat ride with my siblings
Fryday’s St. Lucia for dinner
Night out at Ultra lounge
Day 3
Jet skiing with my siblings
Dinner with family at Oasis 101
Ice cream date at Rodney Bay Marina
Day 4
ATV’ing with my sisters
Island Breeze for dinner
Day 5
Horseback riding with my sisters
Keebee’s Sports Bar and Grill for dinner
Day 6
Sulfur springs with my sisters
La Tille Waterfall with (you guessed it..) my sisters
Day 7
Dinner and show at sandals with my family
Day 8
Departed from Hewanorra International Airport

I presumed it would be helpful to incorporate advice for travel to the Helen of the West. So, here are five suggestions for St. Lucia visitors:

  1. Stay in the south! I strongly recommend obtaining accommodation in Soufrière. But, anyplace in the south will do. Staying down south makes the commute to the majority of attractions more succinct. Though I avoid admitting this, the south has more to offer in terms of scenery and outings. Exploring the north is an excellent day trip, but I don’t advise staying there. It provides more of a city (and I use that term loosely) life. Undoubtedly, it’s beautiful, but I assure you that every activity is offered (sometimes solely) in the south of St. Lucia.

  1. Rent transportation or hire a driving service. This isn’t a place you can get around utilizing public transport. Although the roads are tight, it is worthwhile. Be sure to retrieve your temporary driving permit at the airport once you land. All you’ll need is your license and passport. There is also a small charge associated. Never having arranged this at Hewanorra, I am unable to speak about the expense of it there. 

  1. When you tour Lucia, you can’t abstain from stopping by the sulfur springs in the world’s only drive-thru volcano. Nevertheless, guarantee you go early in the morning. Preferably before the rays of the sun grow. Visiting midday makes it challenging to appreciate because it gets so hot that it’s intolerable. Go early in the morning, and you’ll see locals. Go in the afternoon, and you’ll see tourists. That is all you need to know.

  1. Due to being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, St. Lucia possesses diverse waters. Desire a tranquil day on the beach? The Caribbean Sea, located on the west side of the island, is the way to go. Waters are continually more serene and maintain the pristine turquoise blue for which the West Indies are known. If you stay in Soufrière as advised, you’ll become a neighbor to Caribbean Sea beaches. 

  1. As much as I love supporting my locals, be advised that a tour guide is optional for every activity. I recently determined that Google and Apple Maps work (for the most part) on the island. I’ve never used it previously, so I’m unsure if this is even a discovery. Don’t be anxious to go out and explore. If you can’t find something or get lost, ask a local. I assure you they would be delighted to point you in the right direction. St. Lucia is not a budget destination, so save funds in the areas that you are able.

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