25 by 25: Attempting to Hit Travel Goals During My Second Quarantine Birthday

25 by 25. Such a nice ring to it. For as long as I can recall, I anticipated visiting 25 countries before 25 years old. The fact that I’m turning 25 later this month is absurd. I turned 24 in total lockdown, and it is ridiculous that a year has passed since. I don’t feel a day older than 23. I planned to surpass this goal in 2020. Everything was arranged, and I would’ve been closer to touring 30 countries by 25. However, that wasn’t God’s plan. I don’t understand the reasoning, but I will not question it.

I detest speaking on anything before or in the process of it happening. Yet, I’m striving to be more transparent, so here goes. 25 is a milestone, and what better way to bring it in than with the vibes of great friends? So, I did something unusual (for me). I struggled to provide those who put me on blast about not informing them of my travels 25 days (I shot for 30) in advance. Though it was still inadequate notice for some, a few committed to accompanying me. I usually find group vacations extremely stressful, particularly the planning aspect. But this was smooth, very smooth. There are 5 of us, and I have traveled with all but 1 in the past. We are such an incredible group of women, but duh, they are my friends/family. Everyone will get along well, and I look forward to the memories we’ll make collectively.

I planned to announce the country that we will be traveling to, but I’ll keep it a surprise. Believe me, it is not a place you would suspect. Not one of those common birthday trip destinations. Right up my alley. I’ve found it troublesome to find excursions as it is not your ordinary tourist stop. For this reason, I’m thrilled to take my girls with me, considering I know this is not someplace they would have ever thought to go if it wasn’t for me.

I’ll arrive in Central America days before my 25th birthday. (April 20th, by the way.) Just in time. I’m delighted to finally have another itinerary to share, take a well-needed mental break, spend time with loved ones, and make memories that’ll last a lifetime. Ideas of my next big travel goal are pending. The age is 30, but I haven’t settled on a number as yet. I’ll share after I’ve taken in that I’ve visited 25 countries in my life!

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