What to Know Before You Go: 10 Pros and Cons of Cruises

Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of cruises or struggling to decide whether or not they’re worth the hype? Considering if you should use that money to fly to your destination(s) or cruise there? Of course, there are multiple pros and cons, but it heavily depends on the individual. Although I’ve chosen to take a break from this kind of travel (maybe indefinitely), there are numerous advantages in choosing to travel this way. To be indifferent, I decided to take a few moments to list both the advantages and disadvantages of cruising. 

  1. All-inclusive packages. Selecting a package that best suits your needs is one of the main attractions for planning a cruise. Before travel, a person knows the amount they’ll spend and what the price entails. (Excluding the hidden fees, of course.)
  1. Cruise for every budget. If strapped for funds and in need of a holiday, a cruise can cater to you. Countless affordable cruises make travel attainable for all.
  1. Onboard experiences and entertainment.  Waterparks, roller coasters, clubs, bars, and various leisure activities prevent you from becoming bored on a cruise. There’s always something to do no matter the hour, and the floating hotels are enormous. 
  1. Organized itinerary. Cruises are effortless. They take the planning out of the vacation and allow you to choose your trip by itineraries already set in place. Organizing a vacation can be stressful for those who have limited experience or simply don’t like it. Just pay and enjoy.
  1. Never having to figure out what to eat. There is SO much food, from the limitless options included in the fixed price to the countless restaurants that fill the ship. You’ll never have that “ugh, let us hurry to figure out what we want to eat” moment, and that is an absolute blessing.
  1. Sampling destinations. A cruise is a holiday, but not necessarily a holiday to a particular destination. If you intend to explore an area, this isn’t the way to go. It allows you to sample a country to determine if it’s a place you’d like to visit at another time. 
  1. Lack of space. I’m unsure why the room sizes bother me as much as they do. And before you ask, yes, I’ve had suites and rooms with private balconies. Although they’re more spacious, they remain tiny.
  1. Extra costs for excursions. First-time cruisers generally assume that nothing additional must be paid for once they pay the cruise line, which is false. If not physically located on the ship, it must be paid for out of pocket by the individual. For instance, excursions aren’t included. No, outings aren’t essential, especially at the expensive ports where the ships dock. However, why go someplace and not maximize the experience?
  1. Rough waters and possible seasickness. Unsure whether you’d be prone to seasickness? Pack medication just in case. If it’s never happened doesn’t mean it can’t. Be prepared.
  1. No service. There’s nothing wrong with not having service for a day or two and being unable to speak with your loved ones, but for the entirety of a trip? Ugh! Honestly, save your money and don’t buy the wifi. It doesn’t work, I promise you.

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