The 7 Best Travel Sites and Search Engines

Making travel plans doesn’t have to be frustrating. I’ve tried dozens of search engines that claim to make life easy. The truth? Most of them are an absolute waste. The list below includes apps that save me time, but most importantly, coins.

I’ve used each of the following search engines for years. Putting them in order from great to good was not an easy task. They are all helpful and can potentially save you loads of time. Drumroll, please! Here are my favorite travel search engines…

  1. Skyscanner

Don’t get me started on Skyscanner. Top 2 and definitely not 2. When it comes to finding flights, there’s no better app. I begin every travel search with this website/app. I mentioned this as tip #4 in “10 Simple Ways to Make Travel More Affordable,” check it out to see more about this lifesaving app.


If the accommodation is up to me, it’s booked through this website. The more you book, the lower prices you get in the future. 

  1. Google Flights

I was pleasantly surprised when I first came across Google Flights. I mean, it’s Google, so I really shouldn’t have been. I’ve found some incredible deals on this site and really enjoy how user-friendly it is.

  1. CheapOair

I’ll be honest, I used CheapOair more so in the past than currently. I tend to go from Skyscanner to this app then Google, or I skip it entirely. It’s still amazing, and I recommend it if you have time to fit it between the other two search engines.

  1. Trip Advisor

I love this site mostly because I can see all of the activities and restaurants that a location has to offer. More importantly, I can see the numerous reviews that people leave behind. It guides me to figure out what I would like to do or try in any given location. Rarely do I book through Trip Advisor, but it has much more to offer than that anyway.

  1. Airbnb Experiences

I was first introduced to Airbnb Experiences when I was in desperate need of a travel photographer. I tend to use it in the same way that I use Trip Advisor. I rarely book through it, but it guides me to know what I want to do and who I can reach out to to get it done.

  1. Rome2Rio

A gem! This website is super helpful. It gives you options on how to get around. All you have to do is put your starting and ending destinations. I came across this while solo traveling in Europe. It told me exactly what types of transportation I would need and where to get it. 

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