Reflecting on Last Year (2020): Best Travel Experience to Date

Is a month and a half into 2021 too late to reflect on the drag that 2020 had for me? No! 2020 was the very first year that I was unable to travel freely. Not being able to escape when my stress levels were too high or when in need of clarity took a heavy toll on my mental well-being. Thankfully, my best friend and I took a long and well-needed vacation before the world shut down. 

In late January/early February, Queen and I traveled to Colombia. Our very first visit to South America. We went for her birthday, so she chose the location and duration of our stay. I dragged my feet at the idea of being somewhere for over a week. However, I’m willing to admit that my sis was right about this one. I had no idea that this would be the only vacation we would take for the year.

This trip was one for the books. We made some beautiful (and not so beautiful) memories. Targeted by locals thinking they could rob us blind, crossing off the pink sea from my bucket list, and visiting Palenque, this was nothing short of an experience. Hands down, the coolest thing we did was swim with bioluminescent plankton. 

I have done some incredible things in my lifetime and crossed off a decent amount of activities from my bucket list, but this was different. My bestie and I took an excursion that brought us to about 5 islands (an estimate because I can’t quite remember). The day was jam-packed with loads of activities. The very last was swimming with bioluminescent plankton. It went something like this…

On the last island, we ate a light dinner provided by the tourism company. They were running on CPT. Which annoyed me because it was DARK. I mean 8pm during daylight savings dark. It scared me because now it’s pitch black, and we’re about to board this tiny, old boat that provides zero coverage if anything were to happen. But fine. We figure out the life jacket situation, which was a hassle (but this needed to be done because your girl cannot swim). At this point, my anemic behind is shivering because it is a little chilly, and all I have on is a bikini and a life-jacket. Queen and I got split up, and my anxiety levels were steadily rising. We’re all very close, but few of us speak the same language. No biggie. The smiles, shivers, and nervous laughter were enough to know that we all felt the same. As I’m beginning to get comfortable with the madness that my best friend and I have gotten ourselves into, the engine of the boat stops. We’re in the middle of the water. Lord knows what’s swimming underneath this small ass boat. No light can be seen. There goes my anxiety.

Two pulls later, the engine turns back on. Our tour guide laughed, then told us not to worry. I looked for my sis. We were stressed. Moments later, we stop again. He tells us that we’ve reached our destination and that we can begin jumping off the boat. There was no way in hell that I would do that. 

I wait for a few people to jump off to see if I can see their bodies glowing in the water. It looks incredible, and I’m fascinated, tempted even. But, nope. Queen urges me to jump. She tells me exactly what I need to hear to get my booty in the water. My sis has never steered me wrong. 

Upon touching the water, my skin begins to light up. I watch my legs in the water as they glow. I wave them around like a baby discovering how her body can move.

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