Zeerovers Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I cannot rave ENOUGH about this restaurant. The best everyday food in all of Aruba, no one can change my mind. I seriously don’t have a single negative about Zeerovers. Not one.

So here’s how it works, the staff lets you know the catch of the day. You let them know how much you’d like. You then tell them how much of your additional food items you want. The shrimp goes by weight. (Don’t worry, we didn’t know either. They’re super friendly and more than willing to help you decide just how much you need.) They also have plantain, fries, and cornbread that you can order by serving sizes or amount.

Everything is deep-fried. No batter, just vibes. Surprisingly, I enjoyed their cornbread. I’ve had it elsewhere. Zeerovers does it better. The tartar sauce is also one of the best I’ve had in a long time. Don’t get me started on the fried plantain. It was very ripe, the only way it should be served. The fish and shrimp? Absolute perfection.

There’s also a bar inside the restaurant. The first time we went, we discovered their local juices, the icing on the cake. The first day, I had some tamarind juice. The best juice ever. The following days I had their lemonade, guava, and minty mango juices. We bought all the local juices they had left the second time we visited because they sell out fast. We were not willing to miss out.

The value for the money is unbeatable. Aruba is not a cheap place. Queen and I often bought entirely too much food for less than the price we would pay for a single main course for just one of us.

The ambiance is serene. It’s located right on the water, with beautiful views and an incredible meal.

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