Bucket List Things: Seabobbing in the Caribbean Sea

Big bucket list things! Starting the new year by crossing this off my bucket list was a dream. Okay, I didn’t tell the instructor this until we were far out into the sea but, I can’t swim. And life jackets aren’t a part of the experience. Potentially dangerous, yes, but I live for it. I’m also scared of going far out in large bodies of water, but I had to do this at least once. I couldn’t be happier that I did.

The seabob itself is simple to use. The speed’s listed in percentages starting at 30 and working its way up to 60. Increasing speed is no issue, but the machine reverts to 30% after a while. It allowed us to go as deep as we wanted or as deep as we could tolerate. The deeper you go, the more difficult the water pressure is to endure. Keep in mind that scuba gear isn’t involved, and I can only hold my breath for a solid 10 seconds at a time. The breathing part of it isn’t any problem until you’re going as close to the bottom as you can, and it clicks that you need some air. The way to the surface feels as if time is moving in slow motion.

The coolest part of this excursion was viewing a shipwreck underwater. Although this part of the sea wasn’t as transparent as closer to the shore, I was able to see the ship without having to go too far down. The instructor then gave us a brief history lesson on the vessel and its position under the sea.

I enjoyed racing my best friend under and on top of the surface of the water. I loved seeing the fish and all the little creatures that made me go 60% quickly.

What they don’t tell you about sea bobbing is, it’s a workout. A full-body workout. (Especially when you use the machine from the seashore to your destination and back.) If you’re anything like me, you’ll be out in the middle of the sea attempting to balance on this machine while catching your breath. In and of itself, that’s a lot, but the days following?! Sore. Even my ears where the goggles barely touched hurt. My arms? Aching after the first half-hour. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

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