Arubiana’s UTV Rental

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Renting a UTV for a day to go around the island was one of the most enjoyable things we did on this trip. We explored areas that we would not have been able to get to with our car. I thought 8/9 hours would be more than enough time to do everything, but it wasn’t. After checking in and picking the vehicle, the staff gave us a code for their app. Arubiana’s app included a map of destinations and told us about each site. It was also able to record the trip with detailed information such as our speed, location, distance, and time. I do wish that the map was a bit more interactive for the directionally challenged like myself.

The map had more than two dozen stops for the full-day experience. We made it to about half. Honestly, if your goal is to visit every location on the map, you cannot stop and enjoy each destination. Below are the destinations that we were able to make.

  • Mangel Halto
  • Sint Nicolaas
  • Baby Beach
  • Seamen Anchor Monument
  • Zeerovers for lunch
  • Spanish Lagoon
  • Balashi Gold Ruins
  • Frenchmans Pass
  • Fed the donkeys at Aruba Donkey Sanctuary
  • Trinity Natural Bridge – Black Stone Beach
  • Ayo Rocks Formation
  • Bushiribana Goldmines Ruins
  • Divi Beach

There were many breathtaking views and numerous picture-worthy moments. I’m thankful that we stopped and took it all in when we felt that we needed to.

In comparison to other rental companies, I do believe that Arubiana has fair pricing. The value for the money and experience overall is unmatched. The staff is kind, helpful, and dependable. The experience was an incredible adventure.

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