Boutique Hotel Rehoboth Peace Land Condo Review

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I adored our condo during our stay in Aruba, despite one issue. The location was perfect as well as the value for the amount we paid for the five nights. The gardens around the condo were incredible. Although I did not get a chance to visit the gym or the pool, both were great amenities.

Upon check-in, we received a cellphone. The phone was to contact the front desk if we needed anything, it was our room key, and we could put credit on it if we wanted to use it while on the island. It gave me a sense of security and was a small touch that elevated our experience.

Although parking was tight, I loved that our car was in a gated lot. I didn’t see much of that in other hotels around the island. Although given a garage key, the gate opened automatically for us on either side after identifying our plate number. Note: I would not recommend this hotel for anyone who does not intend to rent a vehicle.

As this establishment is new, all appliances are modern and up to date. I loved the appearance of the space, especially the bathroom. It was a small sense of luxury.

After the third night, we ended up requesting a new room. There was a terrible odor coming from beneath my bed. After approaching the staff with this issue, they claimed it was resolved. Their “fix” was putting the air on blast to attempt to diminish the smell. We still don’t know what the smell was. Without this issue, I would have most definitely given this hotel a 4.

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