Aruba Itinerary

January 29th
Arrived at Queen Beatrix International Airport
Received rental car from Budget
Checked into Boutique Hotel Rehoboth Peace Land Condo
Dinner at Zeerovers
Explored and walked along the beach
Grocery shopping at Better Day Supermarket – Savaneta
Introduced to Pofferdories
Noord until curfew
January 30th
Breakfast in the garden of the condo
Explored downtown Oranjestad and Renaissance Mall
Dinner at The West Deck
More Pofferdories
Noord until curfew
January 31st
Rented a UTV from Arubiana (9am-6pm)
Lunch at Zeerovers
Drinks at Friday’s
Rolled ice cream at Ice Cream Mimos Aruba
Drinks at Craft in Noord until curfew
February 1st
Covid tests at Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital
Factory and museum tour at Aruba Aloe
Lunch at Salt & Pepper
Sea bobbing with Arubiana
Dinner at Flying Fishbone
February 2nd
Flamingo Beach and Iguana Beach on Renaissance Island
Lunch at Papagayo Beach Bar
Dinner at Giannis Restaurant
More Pofferdories
February 3rd
Checked out of Boutique Hotel Rehoboth Peace Land Condo
Visited California Lighthouse
Lunch at Zeerovers
Returned rental car
Departed from Queen Beatrix International Airport

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